Healthy breakfast options



Every single weekday I am struggling the same problem. There is no time for breakfast. Never.

There are always fresh fruits in the fridge and you can find coca tahini, sugar free hazelnut cream in my cupboard. Eating healthy is a choice. It needs a lot of changes in your kitchen, planning ahead for many days and it could come with more expenses on food and several kitchen equipment. When I started to eat healthy I made radical changes in the kitchen. I throw out with flour, sugar, dry pasta and switched to natural sweetener, wholegrain spaghetti and I bought at least 3 different kind of chia seed immediately. Good news, you don’t need to follow my crazy actions, as I know I am quite extreme when I am doing changes in any field.

Since I am planning my daily meals, and yes breakfast is also included in this meal plan, I am always waiting breakfast time with an excitement! Creating beautiful yoghurt dishes, tahini bread and fruit platters is a good start of my day.


I have recently discovered a homemade granola recipe, which makes my breakfast more custom made.



My homemade Granola recipe

2 cops oat flakes

dry fruits (raisin, mango, berries….)

1 handful of coconut flakes

1/2 dry banana slices

150 ml orange juice

spices (cardamom, cinnamon)

olive oil

3 tbs honey



  1. Preheat oven at 150 degrees Celsius
  2. Take a big bowl and mix dry fruits, banana slices, coconut flakes and oat flakes
  3. Warm up honey in a small pot and boil with orange juice, olive oil and spices
  4. Add this juice to the dry ingredients and mix well
  5. Take a baking tray, cover with baking paper and spread this mixture
  6. Bake it for 25 minutes and mix after 15 and 20 minutes, because raisin and other dry fruits could burn easily
  7. Let your granola cool and put it jars






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