5 Things to do in Dubai during winter


This is not the first time I have travelled to Dubai, but this city is always surprising me. The constant changes, the dynamism, the opportunities are just breathtaking.


If you believe Dubai is only about shopping, you are completely wrong. Beaches, nightlife, amazing flower gardens, Flamingo Island, desert safari and amazing restaurants are ensuring a pleasant stay in the city. However winter cold (20 Celsius degree) is limiting the opportinities, but there are many things you can do in Dubai during this “winter cold”. Read my tips to have memorable moments in Dubai.




I need to admit that you can anything in Dubai. There is not such a thing, you can’t find here. They have huge variety of products, brands and services. If you don’t find here, probably it does not exist…

Best places:  Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, City Walk



The city is full with great restaurant and cafes. Due to the high number of expats and foreign visitors you can find any kind of cousin in Dubai. A lot of Italian, French, and any kind of Asian, Persian, Turkish and Arabic restaurants are located in the city.


Some of my personal  favorites:

The Sum of Us for morning coffee and Eggs Florentine

Novikov and Downtown Toko  (in Vida Hotel) for business lunch on weekdays

Gossip Cafee and Desserts for an afternoon girly talk


Don’t expect to have alcohol drinks everywhere. You can only drink wine or others spirits where the restaurant is located within a hotel. Other places are not owning license to sell alcohol, as you cannot find alcohol in the supermarket.


Visiting Souk

You can find the most important market in Creek area, which is called Souk. Gold Souk is famous about jewelry and watches stores (I think you guess from the name…). There are many stores where you can buy luxury second hand watches in perfect condition. They polish and service watches to prepare before selling them. The Gold Souk is surrounded with small stores selling Arabic perfumes, spices, dry fruits and cashmere shawls.


Be prepared to be stopped every meter offering fake watches and bags. They are selling these products in hidden flats, which are closed from publicity. Remember, these are not only fake products. When you buy replica designer piece at these places, you support those people who are involved in many other illegal activities, such as smuggling and trafficking.



At the Top- Burj Khalifa visit

Dubai is always full with visitors, but during winter there is smaller traffic at the tourist attraction. Meaning you don’t need to buy your ticket many days in advance, and you need to queue only for 15 minutes except you buy the “skip the line” ticket which is of course more expensive.

Basically there are 2 tickets at Burj Khalifa. With the less expensive ticket you can visit floor 124 and 125, if you want to go to the top you can buy a ticket which is valid also for 142nd floor.

View is amazing, you can see the skyscrapers from above, the Dubai Fountain and make selfie in the world’s tallest building.








Now you are wondering why I am pushing you to do your daily work out routine or to run in Dubai. Because during summertime the temperature is over 30 Celsius degree already in the morning. Therefor due to the humidity and high temperature it is more difficult to run during summertime. If you are lucky and weather is not windy you can run on the beach with a beautiful view of the Burj al Arab. A wide runaway was built next to the beach, not by accident and there are many canteens where you can buy a healthy juice or smoothie after your work out.





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