Fairytale villa in Budapest


Business related events are always fancy. All companies try to entertain the partners and give a WOW effect to make a remarkable moment. There are some hidden spots in Budapest, where you can make great parties or even organize your outdoor wedding ceremony. The owners are ready to fulfill all your request and only matters of money how long your guests will remember this night…


Brody Villa

Last summer I had the opportunity to visit this amazing location in Budapest. The villa is located on the Buda side, far from traffic and noise. Huge trees and surrounding the cottage house like building and perfectly designed plants are making this garden even more romantic.

Seems like¬†outdoor lights and candles are must have pieces to create a cozy atmosphere during summer night. But these candles can’t beat the smell of nature. Birdies are singing on the trees, bugs are buzzing around and you just feel how far the city from here is.



Check out this fairytale location in Budapest!

Brody Villa

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