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Shopping was always a kind of hobby, but since I have discovered online shopping, I have experienced a completely different level…

When sales period is starting in Zara, all girls are very excited. They are waiting at opening time in front of the store in order to enter and find the pieces; they have tried on couple of days ago with 30%-50% discount. I am not feeling shame to tell you, I have done the same many years ago. Now, instead of focusing on low price high street brands and fast fashion, I prefer to purchase fewer items with a heftier price tag.

Living in a small Eastern-European country with a few luxury stores is not an advantage, when we are speaking about luxury shopping. There is a Louis Vuitton, a Gucci store in downtown and a few multi brand stores with high fashion. The selection of products is not that wide and of course they never have the items I am dreaming off.

During the last couple of years I have discovered several online shops, which is multiplying the opportunities when I want to buy the beloved item. By time I have experienced some trends of sales, new item arrivals and some tricks what I want to share with you to become an expert.


My top 10 tip for an online bargain:


#1 Choose your favorite online shop

There are some luxury online shops, where I suggest you to browse. They have different brands; some of them are exclusive at one site only. However I am browsing these sites every week, I have my favorite site where all my favorite brands are available.


My favorites sites:

Mytheresa   Net-a-porter   Luisaviaroma


#2 Subscribe

Subscription to newsletter is very important. This is the channel, where you will be informed about new product arrivals, sales. Online shops are sending vouchers and discount code exclusively to newsletter members only.


#3 Download the app

Most of us we are using our mobile phone or tab for online shopping. Check applications for Android and IOS. Some sites did not develop app for Android, but in App store you will find the most important apps for shopping. Useing an app is easier on mobile, because you can browse products more easily.


#4 Make a wish list

When you prepare a wish list, it is not only helping you to keep a strong focus which items you would like to buy, but you can also set up a sale alert for the products. You will also receive notification by e-mail or push up message when a product is Back in Stock or they have the last piece.


# 5 Choose the products wisely

When I am hunting for good bargain, I know I need to make a compromise. Not all brands are doing sales. We all know, there are no sales at Louis Vuitton and Gucci has cut sales recently as well. Chanel bags are never on sale, but you can buy shoes and accessories with discount.

You need to know, the product you want to buy is a permanent product or seasonal. Permanent products are never on sale. With the classical silhouette and color you can make a long term investment. Seasonal shapes and usually wild colors are seasonal products, especially when we are speaking about bags. If you can make a compromise with the color, you can buy an amazing Valentino Rockstud bag with 30%.

#6 Know your size

All sites has “Size and fit” description. They provide the size and measurements of the model, when you want to buy clothes. They give advices, when you want to buy shoes. Example „slightly fits small to size, we recommend to buy half size smaller”. All brands are different, especially Italian, French and American shoe designers. Trust these advices!


#7 When sales starts

There are several waves of sales. I start to purchase the items, which I want the most. Then at the second wave when they provide an extra 20% discount (over the 30%-50% regular sales discount), I start to browse between the categories. Using a filter is a key when you want to find some cute things amount thousands and thousands of designer items. I know the brands I love, and probably I am not going to buy some brands I have never seen, just because they are cheaper now.

My top filter is: 1. brand 2. Category (Clothes/denim) 3.size 4. Color 5. Discount (30%, 40%,50%)


Using filters are saving time, because you don’t need to check items they don’t have in your size.


#8 Sold out?

I don’t mind if a product is Sold out. I add to wish list. As item is back on stock, I will get an alert and I can buy it. It could be a returned item or retailer could receive more stock, you will be informed immediately.


#9 Don’t hesitate

Just imagine these sites are full with millions of girls hunting for luxury bargain. If you find something you like, buy immediately. All sites have free return and cash back (well, actually money back return  …but anyway). You are losing max the delivery fee, which is 13 -20 EUR approx.


#10 Check all sites for the best price

European retailers have the same price usually. Online sites, which are not owning the physical stock  (example Farfetch), but updating the stock volume and availability of hundreds of retailers are a bit more expensive but if it is the only site which has your size than 5% more does not count.

If you are located in Europe and you are planning to buy European brands forget the American sites. Harvey Nichols and other American online retailers are offering these products more expensive, plus you need to pay higher delivery and taxes.




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