Banana Mango smoothie bowl


Since I have started my regular exercise routine, I need to force myself to eat breakfast every single day. To maintain your condition and get enough power for the day, you need to set up an eating plan and set some rules what kind of food you can consume.


To add fibers and carbohydrate to your breakfast is very important, because you need to gain some energy from these ingredients. I need to tell you, that I absolutely hate tasteless fitness food and protein bars. I try to add some colors, some taste and of course nice serving to my everyday dishes. If you are also keen on quality food, you need to try this simple smoothie recipe!!!


Banana and Mango smoothie bowl


1 banana

1/2 mango

1 cup of yoghurt (I don’t mind fat yoghurt, but if you are on diet try low fat)

2 tbs of grained coconut

1 tbs of honey (or natural sweetener)


Mix the ingredients all together in a blender. I use my Nutribullet, which is a must have in my kitchen. If you blend the smoothie for more than 20-30 seconds, it is gona be more and more fluid. I like to keep it thicker, and eat with a spoon.



fresh fruits (strawberry, raspberry and kiwi is my favorite)


chia seeds

chopped cashew or some kind of nuts


If you are need a lot of protein, because you are working out like a beast, add some protein powder (natural or vanilla is also cool with this combination)


To complete my breakfast I always take vitamins and other supplies. I have found a great brand, which is providing 100% natural ingredients. Vitamin Bottle had a wide range of products with all botanical extracts from pills to drops. I have some grapefruit and immune drops, what I mainly use during winter to fight against illness. It is a Hungarian brand, you might find the products in some retailer stores or you can order online.

My other favorite supply is collagen, what I use for my skin. I have recognized a huge difference on my skin since I am using collagen. Scars and acne is recovering more quick, and my skin is looking youthful. I have ordered last time The Beauty Chef, which is a liquid you need to add in a glass of water. It has a cool berry taste, and what is important it was produced with sweetener.



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