How to mix high street and luxury pieces?


High street and luxury pieces are absolutely mixable in  your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to wear a simple 10 EUR T-shirt with your Chanel Le boy!

You need to admit we are all crazy for high-street fashion, especially for Zara. It is everywhere on Instagram, all bloggers are wearing IT pieces of the new season. You don’t need to feel a shame to wear fast fashion. It is so exciting to mix the cheaper pieces with high end designer items such as Valentino, Chloe, Celine or Gucci. I wish I would have the budget to dress up from head to toe with designer pieces, but it is not necessary to spend fortunes for clothes. I love to have unique pieces in my wardrobe, but fashion is changing so quickly. Therefore I prefer to buy some high quality pieces from designers and mix them with fashion pieces season by season.

Here are a couple of tips to build a perfect wardrobe. To balance high-street and designer pieces and a how to guide to avoid cheap looking.


Tip #1

Choose you colors

Every season I make a decision what colors I will wear. Pick 3-4 basic colors and build your wardrobe around this palette. This season I go for dark blue, black, white and blush pink.

I never buy random pieces, which are not fitting in my wardrobe. To have a clean, organized look is a key of chic and sophisticated appearance.


Tip #2

Focus on quality and not the quantity

High street stores are full with low quality polyester clothes, but you can find real treasures every season. Try to avoid cheap materials, which are looking worn out after washing them.

Every brand has a collection, which is dedicated to higher quality. Check the etiquette and find the following key words: wool, cashmere, real leather, silk and handmade. If the company is highlighting the material, you can be sure it is part of the premium collection.

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Tip #3

Details are everything

Find some pieces with great details. Ruffles, applications, decorative buttons, gold zippers are making high-street pieces to look more expensive.

+1 tip for Zara: Usually you can find similar pieces in Woman and TRF collection at the same time. Woman is more expensive but it has better quality. Personally I prefer to purchase from this collection.


Tip #4

Basic designer pieces

When you start to build your perfect wardrobe and you want to invest to designer pieces always start with bags, belt and sunglasses. An everyday bag, which is standing out from the crowd is a perfect investment. Go for classical shape and color, and you can add more unique pieces during the time you are building up your collection.

I buy designer bags which are in trend, but I know they can be key pieces in my wardrobe for a couple of years. Before spending fortunes on designer pieces I need to think how flexible the style of the bag is. If my style is changing, can I still fit in my wardrobe?


My personal favorites:


Tip #5

Designer shoes and fancy design from high street pieces

The first designer shoes I have purchased in 2008, was a Louis Vuitton metallic silver ballerina from the finest goat leather. The color was perfect, but during the everyday usage the fine metallic leather had damages and it was looking terrible after a couple of months. As my feet was sweating the color started to peel inside the shoes and the beautiful soft leather insole become hard and the leather broke.

If you want to buy your first high-end shoes, go for an everyday flat. Avoid suede leather, velvet and canvas. This are not suitable for everyday use. You will also need a great pair of heels, what you can wear at parties and meetings. Go for basic colors (black, nude or dark blue if you want something more interesting) with some details.


My favorite picks:




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