Finding the ultimate Chanel slippers


Finding the ultimate Chanel slippers was nearly impossible. But I believe in faith, and my dream slippers has found me!

Chanel 2016/2017 Cruise collection was outstanding in the fashion history, when they placed the new fashion show to Havana. After USA was opening to Cuba, Chanel has decided to dedicate a collection for a country where fashion nearly did not exist before.

When I have seen the catwalk on the historical avenue of Havanna, I knew there is something different in this collection. The rhythm of the live music, parking cars on the street, people watching the show from the top of the building. Everything was vivid! So, this was the first time when I have seen my dream slippers. However the whole collection was breathtaking, somehow this shoe was standing out from the show. I was chasing them in several Chanel boutiques, when I was travelling around. I checked in Dubai in several stores and also in Vienna. They had a last piece in Vienna, but it was a very small size.

I have seen these slippers in some blogpost, I have seen on Instagram and every time I was just wondering how a shoe can be so beautiful…


While I was dreaming to get them, I was browsing on Vestiaire Collective. It was just one week after I have visited Chanel boutique in Vienna and I was so disappointed not finding them, finally I bought another leather slippers that day. So, there we are on Vestiaire and this beauty is just there. Size 41. Brand new, unworn, with box and dust bag. Just the way I need! Size is perfect, my other Chanel slippers is the same size! No way, I am not going to miss this purchase!

However the price was higher than the normal retail price, considering that this item is sold out worldwide, I do not mind to pay more for them.

The funniest thing in life that this piece was purchased in Vienna. In that store, which I am regularly visiting when I am in town. The seller is living in Slovakia, and has the same shoe size as I do. Of course I have checked what other items she is selling on VC. No doubt, his match was made in heaven.


This was the very first time I have purchased and item on Vestiaire, and I have joined the VC community only a couple of months ago. Knowing that a professional team is the warranty of the authentication was a key factor when I have decided to purchase on the site. I don’t want to pay such a high amount, when I am not 1000% sure the item is authentic.



The product delivery was not that quick, as it is when you order from Netaporter or Mytheresa. The reason behind is that the seller must send the package first to VC Office to Paris. After receiving the package, VC is doing the quality control, which is basically the authentication process. After the item has been checked it will be delivered to the buyer.

I got this packaged 2 weeks after purchase, but I do not mind. It worth to wait for it! I also learned, seller has 30 days to deliver the item to VC office. This meaning in some cases expected delivery time can be longer.

After this purchase, I have made some more orders. All items are sold out, they are “hard to find” pieces. Some of them were sold on original RRP and some of them are less expensive. On this site you can find both used and brand new items. If you are so keen on the condition of the purchased piece like me, I would definitely suggest you to buy new items. In many case the seller is also providing the box and dustbag with tags, and in some cases (especially more expensive handbags like Chanel Le Boy or Hermes Kelly) they also give the original invoice. If you are planning to sell the item in the future, this is also an important point.


Photos from the Chanel fashion show






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This post has been not sponsored by Vestiaire Collective. None of my purchase on the site has been gifted to me. I am writing my honest opinion and experience to share with my readers and help them with future purchase on any kind of online site.

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