Honeymoon in Santorini


Santorini Caldera view


I have been in Santorini first time in my life in 2002 summer. That time I did not had the opportunity to stay more than a couple of hours, but these few time was enough to fall in love with the island. I knew I will return here one day.

This day came 15 years later. I got married this summer, and we decided to travel to Santorini for our honeymoon. To be honest, this travel was so spontaneous, just like our marriage. We booked our tickets 2 weeks before and tried to find a great accommodation. Santorini is famous about luxury hotels with caldera view, but we wanted something more humble.

During the last 15 years I was at least 20 times in Greece for holiday. I have discovered the country as a tourist and I have also traveled with my Greek friends to learn more about the culture and habits. I believe this experience gives me the courage to give you travel tips for your ultimate holiday in Santorini.


1. Hotel – When you are looking for a hotel and you want to stay at budget, forget the caldera view. Most expensive hotels are in Oia. These hotels are on the mountain cliff, where you don’t have roads. Lucky if your driver is carrying your suitcase, but I am telling you rolling your suitcase on stairs and stones is not funny at all.

2. Swimming in the sea – Santorini is not famous of beautiful sandy beaches. Beaches are basically very narrow rocky beaches usually with huge waves. If you want to swim in the sea, I would suggest to participate a sailing tour, where you have several stops and you can swim. If tanning and swimming is a must for you, which is obviously the meaning of summer holidays, it is better if you book a hotel with swimming pool.

3. Driving a car – When you arrive to Santorini you will realize the general condition of cars. All cars are destroyed, crashed, old (or only looking old) and dirty. The UV rays are destroying the varnish of the car, all cars are dusty and due to the narrow roads and crazy drivers, most of them are damaged. Forget to drive a car, better to rent a scooter or a quad. Maybe it is cheaper to rent a smaller engine, but if you are riding the vehicle with 2 person it will be difficult to drive up to the hill.

4. Eating local food – I believe you all know gyros and souvlaki. These are perfect during daytime when you are hungry and do not want to spend to much time in a taverna. When you have time try to find some restaurant, where local people are eating. Greeks are having dinner later, then other European nations. Going out at 10 o’clock and have dinner is quite usual. Therefore restaurants are open until late night. Stuffed veggies are very tasty, you can try stuffed tomatoes, eggplant or zucchini. Feta cheese is also amazing as a starter with honey and fruits. If you try seafood, you cannot be disappointed. Everything is fresh from the sea. There are some Fish Taverns also, where you can only find sea food. No beef here, sorry…

5. Travel Must Haves – Forget your Valentino heels at home. You are not going to use them here. For sure. However it looks great on Insta photos, it is not useful at all. Flats, sandals, loafers will be your best friends. Due to slippery steps, and stoned street, you need the take advantage the comfort of flats.
Swimming suit are essentials, pack as much you have and complete you look with great shades. Long caftans are very useful in the evening. You can pair with your favorite shorts in the evening. Try to set up a holiday capsule wardrobe for this trip to combine shorts, flats, day and night wear.

+ 1 Tip for photoshooting: Blue and white dresses are beautiful on photos. Vibrant colors are also amazing in this environment! If you want to make photos at freqently visited spots, I suggest you to wake up early and go there before anybody else. Santorini is famous of the sunset,but sunrise is also fantastic. Be unqie and make your best shots in the morning!

I hope this short insight encouraged you to travel to Santorini. This island is a treasure box in the deep blue sea and it everybody must see it! Be prepared for an unforgetable holiday and lovely memories. Don’t forget the season is finishing in September. If you want to avoid crowd, it is a perfect time to book your holiday now!

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